Netflix-Comedy Premium League

Netflix-Comedy Premium League

Starting Point
Netflix wanted uber-cool, chic and quirky logos for their upcoming show ‘Comedy Premium League’ (CPL). As the name suggests, it was a comical spinoff on sports events, or rather one in particular!

Concept Note
CPL consisted of 4 teams, IDGAF Iguanas, Lovable Langoors, Naazuk Nevle and Gharelu Gilaharis. The inspiration for each team logo animation was an amalgamation of the animal’s personality, the team name and our design concept. IDGAF Iguanas was designed to be aloof and nonchalant, while Lovable Langoor was created to be more of a charming flirt. Nazuk Nevle was designed to be more sly than they show they are, while Gharelu Gilaharis was shown to be an intelligent hoarder. Whereas the CPL logo portrayed the sport event feels (stadium lights) along with aesthetics of standup comedy (microphone).

Keeping up with sport-event aesthetics, the foxes designed Aston bands, Scoreboards, Team v/s Team and Lower-Thirds for the show. Harmonising with the set design given by the Netflix team, we decided to maintain aesthetics by curating our designs around the polygonal background, with a color palette of teal and yellow, with teal being the one in focus.


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