Palladium Ahmedabad-Mall Launch


Phoenix was planning the launch of the Palladium Ahmedabad mall in Gujarat. This would bring in a range of brands and luxurious experiences that the people of Ahmedabad were only too eager to explore. Understanding the target audience and the unique offering, we worked on creating the campaign for pre-launch, launch and sustenance.

With a campaign articulation of ‘Discover Luxury’ we aimed to create content that would highlight the high end luxurious offerings that Palladium Ahmedabad was all about. Here our content strategy focused on the key pillars of ‘luxury mall of Gujarat’, and ‘the unique culture of Gujarat.

Accounts Reached – 5.4Mn
Accounts Engaged –
Total Followers in 1.5 Months – 11k+
Total Video Views – 2.90Mn+



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