Smoke House Deli-Print and Packaging

Smoke House Deli-Print and Packaging

Starting Point
As this beloved European delicatessen with many utterly pretty outlets across India evolved from its cutesy doodly personality into a more mature, whimsical and surrealistic one, so did our tone of voice and illustrations.

There was a catch though. Smoke House Deli has always had a distinct visual identity, and we had to keep a lot of guidelines in mind. One of those guidelines was the use of only their primary colors – red, white and black. When they evolved, however, they also introduced some fresh and subtle watercolor splashes – strictly for their Goodness To Go offerings.

So from their old style of fun black, white and red doodles to their new style of surreal, detailed sketches in the same color palette and a few watercolor splashes every once in a while, we created some amazing packaging designs for their takeaway and delivery options. This included stickers, sleeves, boxes and envelope style packages along with smart concepts, copy and illustrations.


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